"World Largest Indoor Water Park

              I AM FLAT ON MY BACK IN PARADISE. Perched upon a towel, stretched out on an immaculate white beach, I have turquoise sea in front of me and a cloudless sky overhead. Not a bee, sand fly or mosquito can be seen. The weather is perfect. It is warm enough for swimming in the inviting sea, but there is no danger of sunburn. A cold drink lies nearby, along with a thick, juicy novel.

               Suddenly, a strange haze drifts into view. Smoke envelops the top of a nearby mountain, which begins spitting out sparks of fire. Eruptions can be most annoying, but not here, not in paradise. As the volcano stirs to life, I do not even bother. Checking my watch, I see it is only the half-hour eruption. Returning to my book, I savor a smile. There is still another 30 minutes before the mountain blows its top.

               Paradise proceeds with clockwork precision inside The Aqua Dome, Las Vegas, Nevada's unique, sometimes surrealistic, but utterly updated version of the Garden of Eden. Inside a huge dome that could house twenty footballs fields, the world’s largest artificial sea washes over the biggest indoor beach, fringed with fake palm trees and other astonishing innovations that have given a holiday makeover to old Mother Nature.

              This evocative water park shows that even paradise has room for improvement. In The Aqua Dome, once every hour, on the hour, the surf is always up. Every afternoon is a carnival. Mechanized parrots squawk from branches of the dome’s ingenious rain forest, which remain lush and tropical without rainfall or humidity. Best of all, in The Aqua Dome, you can lull for hours on crushed marble pebbles without a worry about beach vendors, bugs or sun burns.

               Instead, perfectly-timed waves whip equally well-groomed surfers along in 84-degree, chlorinated, salt-free water to the sanitized shore where they drip-dry in The Aqua Dome’s perfect climate, which remains a delightful 85 degrees, 24 hours, 365 days each year.

               When the Beach Boys grow too old to remember the Good Vibrations of the faraway. The California shore they could hardly do better than to be dispatched here to this safe. This self-contained beach paradise, where the sun never sets and the fun never stops.

               Summary:A 25 acre year-round, domed facility, complete with state-of-the-art rides and water coasters. Facility will include a crushed-marble sand beach, a 15-ft wave pool, two competition-sized surf simulator, a huge tanning/relaxation platform, arcade, 40,500˛ cyber game room, 52,500˛ food court, and many other amenities.

               Target markets: Will include local Las Vegans (approaching 2 million in population and still growing), 36.5-39milion tourists, and conventioneers. Casinos & Hotels will be approached for bulk ticket purchases as part of tourist packages, as well as discounts and special events for their employees.

                Many local incentive programs will be nurtured with the schools and local businesses. A huge national and international publicity campaign (including MTV 2wks.Spring Break, Jay Leno's The Tonight Show, Good Morning America and The Today show) is planned to generate huge awareness, anticipation, and interest (especially being located in Las Vegas – The Entertainment Capital of the World). The construction alone of such a large, unique under-taking (again, especially in Las Vegas) will generate additional interest in the media, which will add to the public awareness and anticipation.

               Current: Start-up and development capital - $2M; Land partner - $400M; Construction financing - $350M. Pepsi has been approached for refreshment, food court sponsorship and two level clothing store. Once the project is operational, their will be a ten-year contract @ $50- M.

Respectfully yours,

Paul McDaniel


               Each casino send there employees to the former water park. About 5,000 -9,000 are employed to the top 50-casinos.15000 tickets to each of the casino for there workers or retail to visitors age 13-20 years old. 750,000 tickets are going to be sold to all casinos at $10.00 each.

Other Income:

                Five Advertisings Sings with four sings on each pole. Each sign rents for $30,000 per month. Totaling of $600,000 each month. The Aqua Dome will have no electric bill. It is going to be power by solar units. Each one will produce a megawatt. Three units that will power a total of three megawatts. The first megawatts of power will used for the complex. The second megawatts will be sold under federal law to Nevada Power for .35˘ per kilowatts. The third megawatt is going to be traded for power at nighttime usage from Nevada Power.

               Aqua Dome Plaza will have 20 stores for rent. Each store rent @ $5,000 w /electric power. The store will have three more floors above it. Floors 2 and 3 will hold 1,500
˛ ft. two BR /one BTHR. @ $1,000 /mth. Floor 4 will have 1,800˛ ft. three BR /two BTHR apartments. @ $1,300 /mth. .


               Total Income Revenue: to be $127,633,507 during the first year of operation, increasing to $230,793,369 in the fifth year. Net Cash Flow for the first year of operation will be $38,027,082 million, increasing to $55,034,394 million in the fifth year. The total cumulative net cash flow for the first five years will be $491,842,188

               Project costs, including the cost of the land, construction and all associated "soft" cost are forecast to be $350,000,000. The repayment to investors is assumed to be at an interest rate 15-22.5% with a 20-year amortization schedule. The breakeven attendance of 1 million. @ $35.00

Paul McDaniel: President/CEO

E-mail: pmcdaniel31@yahoo.com

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